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    Caticlan RORO schedules for Roxas, Mindoro

    The Caticlan RORO Port is jointly managed by PPA and the LGU Aklan. It is very busy, serving at least 4 shipping lines.

    Schedule of Shipping Line Departures from Caticlan to Roxas, Mindoro:
    0200H Montenegro Lines (available only if the 2200H trip of previous day is postponed due to lack of passengers or delayed arrival)
    0600H Montenegro Lines (20% chance of trip cancellation)
    1000H Montenegro Lines (20% chance of trip cancellation)
    1200H Starlite Ferries (10% chance of trip cancellation)
    1400H Montenegro Lines
    1600H Starlite Ferries
    1730H SuperShuttle Ferry
    1800H Montenegro Lines (10% chance of trip cancellation)
    2200H Montenegro Lines (40% chance of trip cancellation)

    Note and very important for passengers: You must be in the port at least 1 hour before scheduled departure. Caticlan port strictly requires passengers to be in the departure terminal 15 minutes before departure cut off time. This makes many passengers angry, especially those who cannot take the trip anymore. But that's the rule to avoid congestion of ships in the RORO ramp.

    Schedule of Buses from Caticlan bound for Manila via Mindoro:
    1200H DimpleStar Bus
    1400H Ceres Lines/Philtranco Liner
    1600H DimpleStar Bus
    1730H Valisno Lines
    1800H Ceres Lines/Philtranco

    The usual fare is P 950 to P 1,150 from Caticlan Port to Cubao or Pasay. The price depends on the bus because there are open-air buses and air-conditioned buses.

    In the open-air bus you must expect the odors and flavors of countryside living: noisy children; chickens right next to you and of course the usual habit of derby cocks which is to crow every 10 minutes; coconut vinegar which does not smell so good when you are exposed to it for many hours; a guy on a short budget sitting next to you who looks like he hasn't eaten for a day to save money for the bus fare; a hard knock rapper-wannabe wearing dark skimpy clothes in the middle of the day; and, worst of all, the guy who vomits into your lap without warning.

    As for the buses (I won’t mention names because they might sue me), some of them are not trustworthy. They have this corroded body, skin-head tread-less tires, bumpy worn-out shocks, and obliterated seats. They are prone to malfunction and make your ride to Manila last 24 hours instead of the usual 13 to 15 hours.

    Man, if you're unlucky then you will have an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. hehehe!!! But the pro is this, it's PINOY STYLE. Bring a camera and have pictures of you inside the bus with a wandering eyes on you. Hehehehe!!! Aircon Bus is boring.that's why you can sleep there...

    If you have private vehicle, then the payment for that is around Php 3,000 to Php 3,800 and you have to pay ARRASTRE worth P129. Only the driver is free for the ride, so if there are companions, they will have to pay.

    If you want to travel in backpack and don’t want to ride in a bus, then you can board the RORO ship and when you arrive in Roxas, Mindoro port, there are many vans waiting for you outside the port area for Roxas only or from Roxas to Calapan port, where you take another RORO to Batangas.

    For the telephone numbers of RoRo ship company:
    Starlite Ferrys: (036) 288 7495
    Montenegro Shipping Lines: (036) 288 7373

    Note: If there's a weather disturbance, it is highly recommended that you call the above-mentioned telephone numbers.

    If you're interested to know FastCat's Bulalacao-Caticlan-Bulalacao schedule, we have created another thread for that purpose. You may CLICK HERE.
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    For those who may be interested in the distances involved when you take the RORO from Batangas to Caticlan (or Caticlan to Batangas), here are indicative figures:

    114 kilometers – From Manila to Batangas City; 3-4 hours travel time by bus
    26.6 nautical miles (about 49.3 kilometers) – From Batangas City port to Calapan, Oriental Mindoro; 2 hours travel time by RORO
    127 kilometers – From Calapan, Oriental Mindoro to Roxas, Oriental Mindoro; 3 hours by bus
    47 nautical miles (about 87 kilometers) – From Roxas, Oriental Mindoro to Caticlan, Aklan; 4 hours by RORO

    The trip will cover the equivalent of 377.3 kilometers in all, and will take about 13 hours (not counting waiting time).

    Source: DBP Western Traveler

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    What will happen kaya when the Caticlan Reclamation Project is finished, what will happen to the Caticlan Jetty Port?

    Are they also going to expand the port, like maybe add another RORO dock?

    Because it will really help if there is another dock to accommodate two simultaneous docking of RORO from Caticlan to Mindoro and Caticlan to Batangas.

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